Andrew 14yo WWII: Latvia & the Russian occupation

Posted on: Mon 28 Feb 2022

(repeat from 2019) With Russia’s 2022 declaration of war against Ukraine, it’s timely to hark back to what Andrew Sniedze says about Russian occupation of Latvia. 

Many areas of the world were dangerous places from the 1930s to 1940s, and particularly so for men and boys.  While many of our Australian male children like Harry Cruger were eager to join up to serve in WW2, in some countries it was a matter of life or death and having to choose which side you would join…  which side gave you more chance of survival.   For tiny Latvia, having experienced occupation by the Soviets, their invasion by Germany was a mixed blessing. 

Andrew Sniedze found himself at age 14 defending his country.

Interviewer Helen Meyer

Photo: Andrew Sniedze (R) and Captain of ex-American T2 type steam/electric oil tanker, about 20 thousand ton cargo. Captain on the compass platform. Photo provided by A Sniedze and used with permission.

Andrew Sniedze 2019. Photo taken by Helen Meyer and used with permission

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