Alli Sinclair: Codebreakers

Posted on: Mon 14 Feb 2022

Multi-awarded author Alli has lived in Argentina, Peru, and Canada. She’s climbed some of the world’s highest mountains and worked as a tour guide in South and Central America.

When globetrotting Alli settled back home in OZ, a google search turned up a small article about women stationed in Brisbane during WW2 at Central Bureau (Australia’s top secret code breaking organisation).  It sent Alli off to search for contact with the women who served at Central Bureau, and was the impetus for Alli’s book (fiction) The Codebreakers.

Interviewer Helen Meyer
Publisher Harper Collins

Main Image: Special telegraphists and kana intercept operators10 team outside the Central Bureau of Intelligence Headquarters, Henry Street, Ascot Qld.  AUSTRALIAN WAR MEMORIAL

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