Episode 6 – Supporting Younger Veterans

Posted on: Mon 10 Jan 2022

This 7-part project produced for the Community Broadcasting Association of Australia in partnership with RSL SA/NT & BH, Plympton Veterans Centre and Service Voices is designed to increase awareness of some of our younger Veterans’ issues and the services that are available to assist them back into a fulfilling civilian life when they leave the military.  Throughout the series, we follow contemporary Veteran Matt Bunt as he transitions out of the Army into life as a civilian.  We intersperse the series with vignettes from other contemporary Veterans, partners/families and organisations.

Producer Helen Meyer

Episodes 6 of 7.    Contributors:    

Matthew (Matt) Bunt (Veteran); Cindy (Matt’s partner); Karen May Assoc Director Military and Emergency Services Health Australia (MESHA),

Main image:  (L-R) Sub Lieutenant Emily Swanton and Petty Officer Maritime Personnel Supervisor Nicole Thomas assist in the casualty rescue as HMAS Brisbane conducts a damage control exercise.  DEFENCE IMAGE GALLERY

Image: The 2021 Remembrance Day ceremony held at the Australian War Memorial, Canberra. Defence Image Gallery

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