Episode 2 – Supporting Younger Veterans

Posted on: Mon 27 Dec 2021

This 7 part CBAA Supporting Younger Veteran Project is designed to increase awareness of some of our younger Veterans’ issues and the services that are available to assist them back into a fulfilling civilian life when they leave the military.  Throughout the series, we follow contemporary Veteran Matt Bunt as he transitions out of the Army into life as a civilian.  We intersperse the series with vignettes from other contemporary Veterans and organisations.

We give Listeners prior warning that today’s broadcast contains items about mental health that could cause issues for some people.

Episode 2 of 7 – Contributors:    Matthew (Matt) Bunt (Veteran); Nathan Bolton (Veteran); Daniel Bolton (Bolton Brothers Psychology Practice)

Producer Helen Meyer

Image: Defence Image Gallery 200120-A-GN244-0049
Australian soldiers conduct radio checks at the Taji Military Complex, Iraq. *** Local Caption *** The Task Group Taji Quick Reaction Force are responsible for base defence at the Taji Military Complex, Iraq and conduct routine patrols.

They also provide security overwatch for coalition forces as they train the Iraqi Security Forces to combat Daesh.

Task Group Taji is a part of Australia and New Zealand’s contribution to the US-led Operation Inherent Resolve’s Building Partner Capacity mission. The ADF effort is part of Operation OKRA and the NZDF effort is part of Operation MANAWA.

Task Group Taji has trained more than 46,000 members of the Iraqi Security Forces and law enforcement agency personnel since 2015.

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