Legion of Frontiersmen Cadet Corp

Posted on: Mon 6 Dec 2021

FORT GLANVILLE South Australia. The Legion Cadet Corp was established in 1987 and quietly goes about providing a learning and participation facility for our young men and women aged from 8 to 18 years of age.  They learn about and engage in numerous challenging and rewarding activities aimed at gaining the necessary skills to improve individually and as a member of a team.  Service Voices attended their final Parade for 2021 at their headquarters located at Fort Glanville, Semaphore Park.  We spoke with Cadet Under Officer Matthew Reid, his mother Legion Captain Trish Reid and Cadet of the Year Legion Lance Corporal Toby Roberts. This is an organisation where parents are encouraged to participate, and there’s no discrimination deterring cadets with disabilities to join.

Cadet Under Officer Matthew Reid
Cadet Lance Corporal Toby Roberts
Legion Captain Trish Roberts

Photo: Provided by Legion of Frontiersmen Cadet Corp and used with permission

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