David Coombes: Australian POWS WWI

Posted on: Mon 29 Nov 2021

At least 4,000 Australians who fought in France and Flanders during WWI became prisoners of the Germans. Historian, author, Dr David Coombes’ book Australian POWS – The untold stories of WWI  looks principally into soldiers from the 4th Australian Division taken POW after almost unimaginable bloody fighting during the first battle of Bullecourt.  They suffered trauma unique to war…  one that almost always left a lasting imprint long after the end of the conflict.

Interviewer Helen Meyer
Additional item: Jim’s Poem from David Coombes’ Book Australian POWS WWI

Australian POWS WW1 by David Coombes. Big Sky Publishing

Images: Before and after. Some Australian 4th Division POWs WW1. Photos provided by D Coombes and used with permission

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