MUD series: Thea Martin on ‘text scores’ as a more accessible way of writing music

Posted on: Tue 23 Nov 2021

[On text scores] Most of us have access to language and writing but not everyone has access to understanding music notation, so it’s a really accessible and exciting way of engaging people in musical processes.

Thea Martin

Along with recently graduating from the Elder Conservatorium of Music, emerging teaching artist and violinist Thea Lucia Martin is also a 2021 Carclew Fellow, a mentee with the organisation Connecting the Dots in Music, and an emerging conductor with Ensemble Apex in Sydney.

They teach music in both school and community settings and will be bringing this pedagogy-centred “collaborative composition” to their guest curation of this month’s MUD event kicking off at 6pm this Thursday.

You may also know them from their indie folk band Eyrie and/or from their improvised violin performances with other local bands.

Thea joins us on Festival City to chat about their practice and what they have in store for this month’s MUD event, featuring Maria Zhdanovich (flute), Clara Gillam Grant (cello), Brandon Bartholomeusz (saxophone), Miles Farnan (percussion) and Sam Wilson (electric bass).

Produced by Anisha Pillarisetty

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