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Leaning through laughs

Posted on: Wed 17 Nov 2021

Issues such as racism, intergenerational-trauma, and systemic violence are often hard and confronting issues for people to talk about. But, promoting conversation around these topics is more important than ever. So what’s an easier way to address these issues?

Visual comedy in the form of film and TV shows, has often been some of the best methods to start conversations within communities about hard issues. And an example that aired just last week was ABC’s new show ‘Preppers’.

‘Preppers’ tackles ideas like racism, microaggressions, Blak history, allyship, and more, all while entertaining their audience with hilarious misadventures. 

Bronwyn Carlson, a Professor of Indigenous Studies and Director of the Centre for Global Indigenous Futures, joined us this morning to talk about how comedy can help us all better understand the experiences of First Nations people.

Produced by Ayla Liebenberg and Tom Mann


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