Tony Matthews: Entombed!

Posted on: Mon 15 Nov 2021

Welsh born Tony first arrived in Australia in 1972.  He had just $24 in his pocket when he set off to hitchhike from Perth to Brisbane. 49 years later he’s till in Australia and has given us the benefit of his extensive work writing for TV and radio as well as more than 30 books with a specific emphasis on military and espionage history. Tony tells us about his latest book inspired by a small newspaper article that sent him off to do extensive research about 6 German soldiers accidentally buried alive in 1945 and entombed for more than 6 years. 

The story literally pushes all the frontiers of human frailty and courage to their very edges.

Interviewer Helen Meyer

‘Entombed’ and Tony Matthews. Images provided by Publisher Big Sky Publishing and used with permission

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