Mercury Cinema celebrates Difficult Women in film

Posted on: Sun 31 Oct 2021

A composite picture of four films (Yentl, Jennifer's Body, Just Another Girl on the I.R.T and Ishtar). A brown block containing white text that says "Difficult Women" is in the centre.

Bossy. Opinionated. Difficult. These words are often used to condemn female filmmakers for doing their jobs in the same way that their male counterparts are often praised for.

This November, Adelaide Cinematheque celebrates these so-called ‘Difficult Women’ with a season showcasing their tenacity, humour and artistic excellence.  The four-film strand runs from 1–10 November at the Mercury. 

Mercury Cinema film curator and Radio Adelaide screens reviewer Aimee Knight joined the Pink Rabbit team to chat about the films she selected for the series, and to unpack what being a “Difficult Woman” really means in Hollywood.

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