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On This Day – 27th October

Posted on: Wed 27 Oct 2021

In 1492 explorer Christopher Columbus as a part of the Spanish expedition, sailed to Cuba, an island which was already inhabited by several groups of indigenous people, and invaded the island. Claiming the land for Spain, Columbus conquered the already occupied island, which allowed the Spanish government to implement their own government, culture, and institutions.

In 1939, the hilarious and beloved British comic actor John Cleese was born. Best known for his fantastic contributions to the Monty Python comedic group, Cleese has also been a part of some more fantastic funnies including Fawlty Towers, Flying Circus, and even has had some smaller parts in huge films like Harry Potter where he plays Nearly-Headless Nick.

In 1986 The British Government under Margaret Thatcher suddenly deregulated the financial markets, which lead to the total restructuring of the way in which the country operated.

On this day in 1982, the Chinese government announced its population reached 1 billion plus people.

American singer and a pop/country music sweetheart, Taylor Swift, released her fifth studio album, ‘1989’.

Produced by Tom Mann, Zoe Kounadis, and Ayla Liebenberg


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