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On this Day – 20th of October

Posted on: Wed 20 Oct 2021

On this day in history:

In 1955, J.R.R. Tolkien’s epic fantasy novel, The Return of the King, was first published. The third and final volume of Tolkien’s renowned The Lord of the Rings trilogy was published by George Allen and Unwin in London.

In 2003, the largest known cosmic structure, The Sloan Great Wall, was discovered during the Sloan Sky Survey.
The structure of the Sloan Great Wall comprises several galaxy superclusters which spans an immense 1.37 billion light-years.

In 1973, Queen Elizabeth II officially opened the Sydney Opera House. The opening of the opera house was televised and included a performance of Beethoven’s symphony number 9.

In 1962, the Monster Mash by Bobby Pickett & the Crypt-Kickers hit number one on the Billboard top 100 for seven days.

Breakfast producer Alex Capurso Joins Tom Man and Zoe Kounadis to talk about this day in history.

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons
Produced by Alex Capurso


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