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Spaces Between Us: Somewhere, Everywhere, Nowhere

Posted on: Sat 16 Oct 2021

“We talked about how our eyes see the same objects, but from slightly different angles – if we thought about that from our different perspectives, on different parts of the world, what does that mean?”

Alison Currie

Adelaide Festival Centre’s OzAsia Festival is set to present Somewhere, Everywhere, Nowhere, merging the creative work and experiences of Australian and Japanese co-choreographers and dancers, Alison Currie, and Yui Kawaguchi.

The upcoming performance harnesses the long-term, cross-global collaboration between the two dancers, bringing them post-quarantine into shared physical space for the first time since meeting three years ago.

Through form, light and sound, Somewhere, Everywhere, Nowhere, expresses the connective value of similarities, differences, the everyday and imagined possibilities, along with growing contextual shifts present in times of isolation and the expanding digital world.

Alison and Yui joined Festival City’s Emma Wotzke to further discuss some of the concepts and processes behind the culmination of their work.

Somewhere, Everywhere, Nowhere: Space Theatre – 21-23 October.

Produced by Emma Wotzke

Aired 24 September, 2021

Photo supplied

Festival City

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