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Untold stories from the backstage at The Gov

Posted on: Mon 28 Jun 2021

On Into the Backstage we visit the spaces that are typically concealed from visitors’ eyes, and talk to the people you normally don’t hear from. From peeking into museum vaults to talking to your favourite pub’s bouncers – we’re here to break down all the walls and reveal the secrets that lie, so beautifully tucked away, behind them.

Full on raiders, a multitude of bras, a ballroom, and bags of pasta.

The Gov is one of Adelaide’s most legendary music venues and has a reputation of artists consistently putting on great shows there. But to make sure artists put on a great show, the venue goes out of its way to make sure that artists feel comfortable backstage, and get everything they want and more. And that comes with a lot of great stories!

Story produced by Stefanie Staelens
Photo by Sam Moqadam

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