Lyall Ellers WW11 RAAF: Part 2

Posted on: Mon 28 Jun 2021

We take up Christine Ellers’ interview with her 97yo father, Lyall where Lyall’s harking back to memories of a night-time training session flying a Wirraway from RAAF Base Deniliquin in NSW to Echuca, Victoria and return…   It’s midnight when he sets out alone…    He isn’t aware that his compass has a problem. 

Noomfa Island, Morotai, Nadzab, Tarakan, The Celebes, Sandakan, Labuan…  with 78 Sqn RAAF,  are some of the wartime experiences Lyall goes on to talk about. 

At the end of the war Lyall is posted as Commanding Officer of the RAAF Base at Geraldton in WA.  It’s a far cry from the Geraldton base at the height of the war.

 Main Photo: Lyall Ellers Kerang Vic Feb 1943 emergency landing with wheels up. Provided by L Ellers and used with permission.

1944 Gusap Airfield Morobe Province Papua New Guinea. 4 Sqd L to R: Lt John Featherston-Haugh ( Fetherstonhaugh ) from Adelaide – Army Liaison Officer; F/O Sid Hooper from Melbourne; F/O Lyall Ellers from Perth. Photo provided by L Ellers and used with permission.

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