Conservation SA – Craig Wilkins

Posted on: Tue 1 Jun 2021

Major oil and coal companies have never had to meet climate standards or consider the huge impact fossil fuels have on our climate – until now.

Last week, a Dutch court ordered Shell to cut its greenhouse gas emissions by forty-five percent by 2030.

Meanwhile, Exxon Mobil have lost two board seats to climate-focused shareholders, and just over two-thirds of Chevron investors supported a resolution to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions.

In Australia, steps towards preventing climate change-inducing mining projects are being made as well.

In other news, the development of Playford Highway in Kangaroo Island and the launching of rockets from Southern Launch facilities on the Eyre Peninsula are sparking concerns for local wildlife.

Breakfast’s Tom Mann discusses the recent developments with chief executive of Conservation SA Craig Wilkins.

Produced by Sezen Bakan

Image Source: PXhere


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