Conservation SA – Craig Wilkins

Posted on: Tue 6 Apr 2021

There are plans to redevelop the former Belair National Park Golf Course and Country Club precinct.

They aim to create an accessible and inclusive space for the community and bring life back to the park with potential upgrades to infrastructure.

City of Adelaide councilors have voted to scrap plans for an east-west bikeway within the CBD.

The bike track would have been beneficial to cut carbon emissions and protects the safety of cyclists. Instead, the money will be put back into the state government.

If you are passionate about adding bike lanes in the CBD, be vocal and share your views to government representatives.

Legal proceedings have been launched against minerals exploration company, Kelaray, drilling for ore in the Lake Torrens.

The status of a national park does not restrict companies from mining exploration in these areas.

Local indigenous people are deeply concerned about environmental impact it may have on this sacred land.

Produced by Zoe Kounadis.

Image Source: Flickr


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