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The happy side of things going ‘wrong’

Posted on: Wed 3 Mar 2021

When performance artist Andi Snelling got bitten by a tick in 2013, she wasn’t aware it was about to change her life. Snap forward three years and she was finally diagnosed with Lyme diseases, a problem that not only has severe complications for her health but is also tricky to navigate through the Australian health system.

Andi’s reflections on her experience and the realisation that life is for living every single moment that can only come from a brush with death, and has turned it into award-winning show, Happy Go Wrong.

She spoke with Festival City’s Sarah Martin about it all.

Andi Snelling speaking with Sarah Martin on Radio Adelaide’s Festival City

Happy Go Wrong is on throughout the Adelaide Fringe Festival at the Bakehouse Theatre. Tickets are available via Fringetix.

Sarah Martin

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