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‘The White Mouse’ – Dame Nancy Wake Fringe show is sure to educate and inspire!

Posted on: Fri 26 Feb 2021

The White Mouse is the nickname given to Dame Nancy Wake by the Germans. A journalist, Nancy was assigned to Paris in the 1930’s. Marriage into a well-off family, she had some financial backing to start off as a resistance fighter and building resilience as a woman, leader, fierce fighter during a heavily male dominated arena. The Australian woman leading the fight against the Germans. Her story is seldom told and is one worth sharing of her bravery, leadership and resistance with the French.

Peter Maddern’s research and work on Dame Nancy Wake ‘The White Mouse’ will be a show to not only educate, but share the bravery and raise awareness of a heroine during World War II.

Peter Maddern, writer and researcher of the fringe show The White Mouse, Dame Nancy Wade spoke with Festival City’s Rosie Rose to break down the story of a female journalist whose bravery and resilience during WWII in France against the Germans is one to be remembered.

A show that will share the heroic efforts of the Australian woman as a resilience fighter. The heroic history of Dame Nancy and her role in and on D-Day can be seen from Friday 26th Feb at 5 pm.

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