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A Touch of Wild for Fringe

Posted on: Fri 26 Feb 2021

“It’s less about scripts and structure and choreography and much more about what happens when you just let art be art…”

Olenka Toroshenko

Set in the expansive tranquillity of nature, Olenka Toroshenko in collaboration with Magic Tortoise and Co bring Wild, an experimental mix of mediums that adhere with no structure, no criteria and no rules as part of the Adelaide Fringe Festival.

Running Saturday 27 February at 7 pm this performance delivers a unique blend of music, earthy beats, heartfelt stories, talking trees and improvisation.

Olenka Toroshenko and Matt Cattanach joined Festival City’s Emma Wotzke to speak about their excitement joining the Fringe for the first time and how they have come to collaborate on such a unique outdoors performance.  

Produced by Emma Wotzke

Image by Freddie Houman

Music: Birdsong performed by Olenka Toroshenko and Matt Cattanach

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