Steve Matthews: The writing of ‘Hitler’s brothel’

Posted on: Mon 25 Jan 2021

Fate and circumstance dictated that this extremely successful author of children’s books would become the author of an adult book that will surely emerge as an enlightening empathic insight into the lives of women subjected to enormous depravation of life and loss of freedom. Steve’s book is fiction based on meticulous research of historical records, memoirs and contacts about the concentration camps of WW2.  It revolves around two fictitious Polish sisters. 

The interview we did with Steve isn’t purely about the actual content and characters in his book, instead, it revolves primarily around the reasons for him writing the book, and the way in which he researched it.  Those women of WW2 deserve the dignity and respect of us all by not ignoring them and the injustices that were perpetrated against them.  Humanity must learn to be humane in all circumstances. 

Steve Matthews has written a book that is deserving of a place in your reading itinerary.

Interviewer Helen Meyer

Photos provided by Steve Matthews and used with permission

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