Pauline Cockrill: Curating The Holocaust Museum

Posted on: Mon 25 Jan 2021

Pauline says it’s a common misconception that all the significant ‘stuff’ is at national or state museums, so when this highly experienced and respected Curator of Museums and Collections large and small was tapped on the shoulder to take over the Curatorship of Adelaide’s newly formed Holocaust Museum, she felt it was a great privilege to be asked, and also felt she really had to do it! 

Pauline’s curatorship ensures that the Museum doesn’t just look at the past, but also at how this can affect our future; how we think of other genocides; how we react to other people; and just the basics such as how we stand up to bullies.   

Interviewer Helen Meyer

Adelaide Holocaust Museum. Photo by Helen Meyer and used with permission. Pauline Cockrill photo provided by P Cockrill and used with permission.

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