Greg Ross, Publisher: The Last Post Magazine

Posted on: Mon 4 Jan 2021

Through bloodlines, the last Post magazine started at Gallipoli.  Its acorn then fought with the 2/10th in Milne Bay, Buna and Balikpapan and trekked the Kokoda in WW2.  By the late sixties, The Last Post magazine was ready to be born.”

Greg Ross, a descendant of that ‘acorn’ carries on the proud tradition of The Last Post Magazine, which is said to have matured to become Australia’s most recognised independent online and print Veteran magazine.

We chat with Greg about that, and about the issues featured in the mag.  But we also venture into how he has coped with the almost crippling blow of losing his beloved wife Wendy to pancreatic cancer, one of the most lethal of all cancers.

Interviewer Helen Meyer

Image: Anzac Day 2020 edition of Last Post. Greg Ross. Images provided by G Ross and used with permission

Link to Keri McInerney Greg Ross song Let it be love (song for Wendy)

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