‘I hate max’ release new EP ‘Between Binary’

Posted on: Wed 16 Dec 2020

Adelaide musician and multimedia artist ‘I Hate Max’ has released their new EP ‘Between Binary’. This is a change up in sound from his previous work, from alternative/pop indie in his 2019 EP ‘Bleached’. New music from Max is a mixture of electronic and alternative music, using experimental and digital techniques to make dance music for the post apocalypse.

A new music video from ‘I Hate Max’ uses artificial intelligence automation techniques, adding a visual element to the futuristic EP.

‘I Hate Max’ is performing at Ancient World as part of the celebration of music, Subvert.

Breakfast’s Zoe Kounadis speaks to front man Max Brading about his new EP ‘Between Binary’.

Produced by Kate Johnson

Image sourced from ‘I Hate Max” new music video for ‘Sepia Tone’


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