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Laura Greaves: Extraordinary Old Dogs

Posted on: Mon 7 Dec 2020

If there’s one thing we’ve learnt during this year of Pandemic, it’s just how important pets are in our lives.  Laura Greaves says…  ” Elderly dogs are doing extraordinary things. Puppies are wonderful, but there is something truly special about an old dog. It’s the grey muzzle and salt-and-pepper eyebrows; the face that says ‘been there, sniffed that’. More than anything, it’s the lifetime of love, laughter and licks, yet senior canines are surrendered to shelters and rescue groups in heartbreakingly high numbers. But every day, all over the world, elderly dogs are doing incredible things.”  Laura tells us about some of the geriatric tail-waggers in her latest book.  It’s a delightful interview with a canine author who is surely extraordinary herself!!

Photo:  Extraordinary Old Dogs (Publisher Penguin Books Australia); Laura Greaves (used with permission L Greaves)

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