Tich Tyson Veteran Advocate: IMPERATIVE!… Get that ATDP training happening again

Posted on: Mon 2 Nov 2020

The cancellation of training in the Advocacy Training and Development Program (ATDP) until further notice is having a pretty bad profound effect on the Plympton Veterans Centre, and will adversely impact other ESOs and Veteran Advocacy facilities as well, causing horrendous strain on the Advocates and their trainers. “The decision to cancel training must be re-thought, and a solution found which will allow the continuous training of Advocates!”  says Tich.  He says there is a way it could be done, and explains. Tich also calls for a fairer share of the Federal Veteran budget dollar for South Australia.  …and we hear about the work done by the PVC including its outreach to rural regions.

Interviewer Helen Meyer


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