Vashti Tyrrell ABMUSN: Royal Australian Navy Band SA Reservist

Posted on: Mon 12 Oct 2020

Saxophonist Vashti’s 19 year Navy career has lived up to every one of her expectations, and she has no plans to leave the Navy any time soon.

In 2001 as a Uni Student in her second year of a Jazz degree, Vashti had never thought of herself as someone particularly suited to joining the Defence Force, but liked and respected the people she knew in the band and saw the opportunity it presented both musically and financially.  As a doubling woodwind musician, having access to the RAN Band’s broad range of instruments and an incentive to practice them (ie actual gigs) has given her a competitive edge in her civilian life as a doubling musician.

Photos provided by Vashti Tyrrell and Royal Australian Navy Band SA, and used with permission.

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