Coming of age with Dear Young Rocker

Posted on: Thu 24 Sep 2020

Dear Young Rocker is a podcast and audio memoir created by Massachusetts-born musician Chelsea Ursin. A beautiful love letter to awkward teens of the early 2000s, this podcast from Double Elvis Productions profiles a young teen seeking relief from the anxiety, body issues, and pent up aggression of adolescence. But more than that, it’s the story of how a young loner grows up and finds her home in music.

According to podcast creator Chelsea Ursin, the podcast was born from an idea many of us share – the desire to go back in time and give your younger self advice. And that desire is at the core of Dear Young Rocker, which takes the format of a series of letters going back and forth between our teen protagonist and her older, wiser self.

Isobel Montgomery caught up with Dear Young Rocker’s creator, Chelsea Ursin to talk more about the podcast’s view of gender and the trials of being a teenager.

Produced by Isobel Montgomery

Image supplied curtesy of Chelsea Ursin

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