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On This Day – 18th August

Posted on: Tue 18 Aug 2020

On this day in history:

An important milestone in the fight for women’s suffrage was reached in Tennessee in 1920, when Harry T. Burn made the deciding vote to repeal the 19th amendment with a little help from his mum. Burn’s mother Phoebe Ensminger Burn wrote him a powerful letter calling him to action to do the right thing, with his “aye” being the last vote needed to repeal the 19th amendment. Burn was forced to hide out for some time, coming under instant scrutiny for his decision. He defended his decision by saying “I know that a mother’s advice is always safest for her boy to follow,” he explained, “and my mother wanted me to vote for ratification.”

Also on this day, famous drummer and eventual Thomas the Tank Engine narrator Ringo Starr joined The Beatles. Fans were initially hesitant to accept Starr, real name Richard Starkey into the band, but they were quickly won over by his recognizable playing style and charm. Ringo has enjoyed a successful career in and out of The Beatles, with a plethora of hits under his belt. Fans may know his famously penned and sung Beatles track Octopus’ Garden from Abbey Road.

Produced by Tom Mann and Zoe Kounadis

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