The Horse Girl Phenomenon

Posted on: Fri 17 Jul 2020

The horse-girl archetype has persisted through culture for decades, while bearing mostly negative connotations.

But this phenomenon of equine-human relationships has been proven by research as therapeutic for many adolescent girls.

Nina-Rose Prendergast is a self proclaimed horse girl, though his came later in life. After applying for an artist’s residency in a Hungarian equestrian-archery school, her fascination grew and manifested in an installation piece called Ponytails.

“One might explain the intensity of a girl’s love for her horse as a type of pre-crush crush, in preparation for the bouts of romance to come in her future. Others speculate that she drawn to horse adoption to fulfil some maternal preoccupation, while Freud would have you know that girls ride horses to relieve their penis-envy…”

Prendergast is a multi-disciplinary artist studying honours at the Victorian College of the Arts. Ponytails features in ‘As If’, volume 118 of Voiceworks. She joined DJ Big Bishop from Packed Lunch to read Ponytails and share her horse-girl story.

Image sourced: PxFuel

Produced by Leon Bishop


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