Len McLeod: 75 years late! 1939 to 1945 Star

Posted on: Mon 6 Jul 2020

On 25.06.20,  94yo Veteran Len McLeod was awarded the 1939-1945 Star in belated recognition of his WW2 service with the Australian Army in New Guinea and US Army Small Ships Section.  Len could very well be the last Australian serviceman to be issued this award.


Dave Lloyd, Vice President of the US Army Small Ships Assoc Australia had this to say about the men like Len:

Producer Helen Meyer


Hear Len’s more detailed interviews here:

Len McLeod WW2: Australia to Shanghai via NG, Philippines & Japan

Len McLeod Part 2: WW2 From Aussie Infantry to US Army Small Ships

Len McLeod WW2 Veteran:  Return to Shanghai after 74 years

Len served in New Guinea aboard the DC3 ‘Biscuit Bombers’. Photo Dakota DC3s on a supply dropping mission in New Guinea AWM OG 2947 copyright expired

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