Tom Trumble: Bryan Rofe RAAF – A man to be admired

Posted on: Mon 1 Jun 2020

Writer, Historian, Journalist, Podcaster,  Tom is passionate about telling the stories of Australian history.  It turns out that the achievements of his own maternal Grandfather at age 24 is one of the most incredible stories of WW2.   Tom gives us a summary of his own life, his family, and  the little known aspects of what happened to a group of 29 RAAF personnel in Timor in 1942.

Interviewer Helen Meyer

Photo:  (L) Tom Trumble.  (R) Bryan Rofe  photos used with permission T Trumble


Bryan Rofe and Patricia Rofe on their honeymoon in Melbourne in June 1942, a month after Bryan returned from Timor. Photo provided by T Trumble and used with permission

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