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Join us! Save Radio Adelaide!

Posted on: Fri 29 Nov 2019

Radio Adelaide has launched a campaign to raise $50,000 to avoid closure in January 2020 and continue its fight to rebuild as an independent broadcaster. 

For 47 years, Radio Adelaide has been one of Australia’s leading community broadcasters, providing a platform for countless South Australians to tell their stories, a training ground for tens of thousands of aspiring journalists and creatives, and a voice for Adelaide arts, music and ideas.  

Since its controversial separation from the University of Adelaide in 2016, Radio Adelaide has faced numerous, significant challenges to its efforts to rebuild as an independent, non-profit organisation. The station today announced that it urgently needs to bridge a funding shortfall to continue producing over 120 hours of original, local radio every week and implement its plan for sustainability. 

Join us! Save Radio Adelaide! Click here to donate today!

In 2020, Radio Adelaide aims to continue its plan for sustainability by updating and focusing its programming on Adelaide arts, music and ideas; by expanding its industry-leading radio and podcast training into secondary schools; and by building on the growth of its new Podcast Works podcast-production arm.

“Radio Adelaide is an authentically local voice for Adelaide,” said Station Manager Chris Leese. “It’s a voice for Adelaide arts, music and ideas you won’t otherwise hear on Adelaide airwaves. Over the past 47 years, Radio Adelaide has enabled many thousands of South Australians to tell their stories, to share their music, to explore and discuss innovative ideas. Radio Adelaide helps us find community.”

“Radio Adelaide develops communities through media. We’re South Australia’s leading source of new media talent, providing training and invaluable experience to over 200 aspiring broadcasters and podcast producers every year,” Mr Leese said.

“Since 2016, we’ve maintained our commitment to our community despite significant losses of funding, big reductions to staff and other difficult challenges. We’re working very hard to build the partnerships and revenue streams that will help us achieve sustainability, but we urgently need to bridge a financial shortfall if we’re going to get there,” said Mr Leese.

Our voice.

Our community.

Our Radio Adelaide.

“Radio Adelaide doesn’t just want to survive, it wants to thrive! Building on our strengths in arts and culture programming, in training and podcast production, we can grow our capacity to tell South Australian stories, develop a strong support base and grow our revenue.”

“We’ll update and focus our programming to bring listeners even more Adelaide arts, music and ideas. We’ll expand our industry-leading training into schools to give students the communication and production skills to thrive in a multimedia world. And we’ll expand our Podcast Works initiative to tell even more South Australian stories.”

“But right now, we need Adelaide’s support to stay alive and that starts with this crowdfunding campaign. In Adelaide, there’s only two degrees of separation from someone who has a connection to Radio Adelaide, and we need everyone who values the station’s role in our community to support us now.”

Join us! Save Radio Adelaide! Click here to donate today!



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