Dr Ruth Lunney: Forgotten Fleet

Posted on: Mon 11 Nov 2019

Their contribution to Australia’s success against the Japanese during WW2 has been sadly overlooked.  Widow of WW2 Veteran Bill Lunney, Ruth talks about her husband who signed up at age 15 to serve in the US Army Small Ships Section and was off to the dangerous waters to our North in a tiny boat within weeks of signing on. Ruth also talks about the writing of two books, Forgotten Fleet and Forgotten Fleet 2.

Interviewer Helen Meyer


Pier-10-Walsh-Bay-Gladstone-Maritime-Museum-Sheridan-Collection-610×534 used with permission from US Army Small Ships Association

Bundaberg S-101 of the Small Ships Section, US Army Services of Supply AWM Copright expired

SS Mactan S-188 circa 1943 AWM copyright expired


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