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Reclaiming disability as an empowering, self-identifying persona

Posted on: Sun 24 Mar 2019

Adelaide performing feature artist Alison Bennett is determined on reclaiming the word disability, through recreating her own self-narrative without society’s pervasiveness, ignorance and interference.

Floral Peroxide is a multimedia theatrical production, which sold out three shows at this year’s Adelaide Fringe Festival.

Under her stage moniker Alison Paradoxx, she addresses issues of clinical violation and sanitisation of her body with beautifully, fervently dynamic storytelling combining performance poetry, atmospheric electronic music, interpretive movement and visual art.

Bennett spoke to De-Stigmatised‘s Jarad where she explained what it means to expose your inner emotional and physical pain, degeneration and trauma, while demonstrating that you won’t be defeated by domineering ableist attitudes and vitriol, especially from medical practitioners.



Produced by Jarad McLoughlin

Photo credit: Martin Christmas


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