David Cronin – 17 Seriously Satirical Songs & Silly Galahs

Posted on: Fri 1 Mar 2019

This week we had another Fringe performer, David Cronin, coming to our show. He writes not only serious and satirical songs for adults, but also children’s songs for his story/shows too. Besides, he is a drama/clown coach too. What an interesting and busy life.

DavId talked about his experience and inspiration as being a writer. He then shared with us his passion for clowning. David likes to bring joy to people, and he tries to reduce ideas in order to present simplicity in his artwork.

During the show, David performed three songs live. In Vego Song, David uses 47 veggies and herbs’ names and twisted into puns. He also performed a song with his musical bells. The tools he likes to use so he could integrate the sound with the tones of human laughs.


Photo taken with the consent of David Cronin & used with the permission of Adrian Miller.

Production by Clayton Werner



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