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Abdul Basit Jamily: Afghani Refugee

Posted on: Mon 22 Oct 2018

Abdul was born in 1990 into an Afghanistan struggling against Russian occupation, civil war and Taliban terror. He says his favourite time in life was when the international community came to Afghanistan in 2001. He talks about life in Afghanistan, including the problems, the Australian troops, the humanitarian work, and about his new life in Australia.

Abdul mentions the assistance given to him by Kala McLean, the then Director of The Women’s Community Centre at Stepney.

Kala McLean comments:

Abdul was welcomed at WCCSA…   while the focus was always on nurturing resilience in women, the organisation was well aware that it takes the whole community to make women’s safety a reality.  To this end, the centre worked hard to impart goodwill in the whole of the community.  In turn, Abdul learnt the value of the work carried out at the WCCSA and his respect for the members was clearly evident.

This hand of assistance to Abdul, who was already an established youth mentor,  resulted in him providing his service as such at WCCSA.  Many of the children of members were without a male model in their lives or weren’t able to spend a lot of time with their own fathers.

Interviewer Helen Meyer

Image source:  Australian Diplomat Fred Smith working in Afghanistan with a Baluchi tribal leader. Photo provided by Fred Smith and used with permission

This program was made possible with support from the Community Broadcasting Foundation.


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