Darryl Hill: Possum & the Poppy Drop

Posted on: Mon 8 Oct 2018

We tend to think of wartime aircraft as being sleek machines of speed and agility, bristling with armaments and capable of massive damage. Not always so!!

A little Cessna with the call sign PSM did 3 incredible tours of duty in Vietnam and now resides in a hangar in South Australia.  At 11 am on Remembrance Day 2018 Possum will drop thousands of remembrance poppies over the War Memorial area on North Terrace in Adelaide City.

Darryl Hill (ex RAAF) will be piloting Possum. He tells us the story behind this remarkable little ‘plane and the significance of the ‘Poppy Drop’. Darryl’s Grandfather, John Bowman, was among the first troops ashore at the Gallipoli landing.

Darryl gives special thanks to Veterans SA for their support with this project

Interviewer Helen Meyer

Photo:  Possum (aka Algy) at his hangar in South Australia.  Photo provided by Kathryn Hill and used with her permission.

Photo of paper poppies that will be dropped over Adelaide on Remembrance Day 2018.  Photo taken by Helen Meyer


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