Timor Leste and the prosecution of ‘Witness K’ and Bernard Collaery

Posted on: Sun 23 Sep 2018

The current court case about former Australian Security Intelligence Service (ASIS) officer ‘Witness K’ and his lawyer Bernard Collaery recalls and reproduces the sordid history of Australian governments (both Coalition and ALP) unjust treatment of their poor neighbour Timor Leste.

Stephen Darley talks to veteran activist Andy Alcock from the Australia-East Timor Friendship Association (AETFA) about this history and the significance of the present case – as so often, it’s about money and unequal power relations. We also briefly talk about West Papua.

Note also:

SA Unions/APHEDA SA/ SA WWC/AETFA SA present a Film Fundraiser for Timor Leste WWC.

Wed Oct 10 2018, 5.30 pm – 6.45 pm Ladies in Black.

Capri Theatre, Goodwood Rd, Goodwood. $15 concession, $20.

Online, see aetfasa.org.au tickets at door.

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