Behind the Brew with Caffiend Coffee Co.

Posted on: Mon 17 Sep 2018

Tamika of Caffiend Coffee Company discusses some of the in’s and out’s of starting up their second café in the Adelaide CBD, as well as factors within the community that affect young business owners.

Having already established a cafe under the same business name in Hahndorf, Tamika and her partner, Kostas, have created another environment in Synagogue Place for people who love coffee, food and even an aesthetic ‘gram shot’ to come together and chill out.

“There’s a few things we like to take seriously; coffee, food, customers – but we don’t take ourselves very seriously”

The dynamic duo have a visible passion for coffee, and it shows through their warm, inviting approach toward their customers.



Produced by Daniel Edmonds

Photography by Caffiend Coffee Co.

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