Unemployment, income management and Newstart

Posted on: Fri 20 Jul 2018

In this week’s Anangu Lands Paper Tracker radio program, we talk about unemployment and issues that affect people who are unemployed. And in particular, we focus on how income management in the form of the Basics Card and Cashless Debit Card are affecting people’s lives. We also talk about the current amount of income support payments such as Newstart.

Many people who are unemployed and receiving income support, such as Newstart, are put on the Basics Card or the Cashless Debit Card. This allows the Government to control how and what people can spend their money on. People who are put on these Cards have a percentage of their money quarantined and only a specified amount of their money available to them as cash.

To talk about unemployment and income management, we’ve invited Hayden Patterson, to share his thoughts with us. Hayden is the National Branch Coordinator of the Australian Unemployed Workers’ Union.

This program includes the track, “It’s Time”, sung by the Newstart Choir in Adelaide, which is a combined choir that includes people on income support and anti-poverty advocates, supported by the Anti-Poverty Network of South Australia.

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