Mario & Joe: Farina, Dad and WW2

Posted on: Mon 9 Jul 2018

Mario and Joe Vaiana’s father migrated to Australia; worked hard, and made a good life in Queensland for his young family….   but he became embroiled in a rather questionable assessment of being an ‘Enemy Alien’ during World War 2. We hear how a pastry chef on an Italian war ship was what sent Dad off as a prisoner in a cattle train to the Loveday internment camp.  Never to see his family again for four long years.   How does the town of Farina come into this story?   Well…  you’ll just have to listen to the interview.

Interviewer Helen Meyer

Photo Description
Loveday, Australia. 11 March 1943. An Italian internee at No. 9 Camp, Loveday Internment Group, at work dyeing clothing for issue to internees. This clothing is discarded Australian uniforms, cleaned, repaired and now dyed a burgundy colour.    AWM accession number 030198/09 Copyright expired.

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