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Digital Access to Collections Workshop

Posted on: Mon 28 May 2018

The world is going digital. The Digital Access to Collections project is an initiative of GLAM Peak – the peak representative bodies of the galleries, libraries, archives and museums sectors in Australia. It began meeting in mid-2015, collaborating to enable people to access, use and build on our national collections.

Service Voices attended one of their nation-wide two day workshops and tells listeners why attendees traveled from all over the State to get there. The podcast includes comments from Catherine Manning and Pauline Cockrill from History SA, Lucinda Jacobsen from GLAM Peak, and David Wilson from Kangaroo Island Pioneers Association.

Presenters:  Fiona White and Helen Meyer.  Speakers:  Catherine Manning & Pauline Cockrill History SA; Lucinda Jacobsen  GLAM Peak;  David Wilson Kangaroo Island Pioneers Assoc;

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