From Air Force Cadet to The Royal Australian Navy

Posted on: Mon 5 Feb 2018

In 1963 Barry Pareezer was a 17-year-old Air Force cadet when he thought he’d stir his mum up a bit by saying that he was going to join the Navy. To his surprise, Mum thought that was a great idea, and told him why!

When Barry eventually retired from the Navy with the rank of Chief Petty Officer, he went on to a career in the Police Force.  This is a delightful insight, highlighting the important roles our ex-service men and women perform for both country and community.

Interviewer Helen Meyer

Photo copyright Australian War Memorial NAVY15557: Description 1968

The RAN guided missile destroyer HMAS Perth (II) is participating in operations with the US Seventh Fleet, off the coast of North Vietnam. Here R62462 Leading Marine Engineer (LME) Barry Barnett Pareezer records boiler room readings on board HMAS Perth.


Barry Pareezer, Navy Veteran 2018. Photo provided by and used with permission of Barry Pareezer.



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