Ash Starkey: V. M. Starkey – Sleeping undisturbed at Bullecourt

Posted on: Mon 18 Dec 2017

When World War One Digger Valentine Montgomery Starkey fell in the brutal battle of Bullecourt in France, he could never have envisaged that in 2017 his great great nephew Ashley Starkey would be instrumental in ensuring that his resting place among the thousands who died there would remain undisturbed.

What do the world war one battlefield of Bullecourt; wind farms; and our Adelaide located Dardanelles Cenotaph have in common…      Have a listen to Ash Starkey.

Interviewer Helen Meyer

Valentine Montgomery Starkey photo in the Bullecourt field (France) where he was killed in action during World War One.  Photo provided by Ashley Starkey, Valentine’s great great nephew

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