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Catherine McCullagh: Deception

Posted on: Mon 4 Dec 2017

After a 20 year career in the Australian Army, Catherine retains her ties, freelancing as Military History Editor with the Australian Army History Unit.  She has two published works to her name.  Today we’re examining the second of those, a novel…  Dancing With Deception.

Catherine’s background in military history and an abiding interest in the dilemmas of life under an occupying power provide the historical background for this novel. The book is also a tribute to wartime hero Frenchman René Carmille, a man of quiet courage who was a crucial element of the Marco Polo escape network and perished in Dachau in 1945. It’s a thoroughly entertaining interview.

Interviewer Fiona White

Catherine McCullagh.  Photo provided by Cathy McCullagh 27.11.17

Image of book Dancing with Deception provided with permission of Big Sky Publishing


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