Music and more with composer Samuel Andreyev

Posted on: Thu 9 Nov 2017

Marc Onofrio had the chance to chat to Canadian born and now France based composer, musician, and poet Samuel Andreyev this week. Samuel has grown in popularity over the last 12 months after posting several videos offering deep insight and analysis on contemporary classical music and more popular forms of music too.

Topics include his YouTube channel and it’s growth, how he listens to music, the composition process, his thoughts on music writing and music criticism, how to approach contemporary music (and pop music), music he dislikes, jazz, and he lists some of his favourite albums.

You can watch his videos on his YouTube channel, as well as some other extremely interesting chats he’s had here and here. You can support his work on his Patreon page.

You can also listen to the show where I played some of Samuel’s pieces and he explained them a bit here.

Note: There is a small bit of the interview where the connection was poor, hence the poor audio quality for a few minutes.


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