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The Girl of Girl Space

Posted on: Fri 6 Oct 2017

Who runs the art world?….Sadly, not girls.

In the past females were often discouraged to work within the artistic sphere, causing it to become a predominately  male profession. However, even today in a world where many females can vote, take up a career and be a mother, there is still a large imbalance between male and female artists.

Izzy Evans talks to our Young Dynamic of the week, Laura Gentgall founder of Girl Space.

Girl Space is a place of mentorship, artistic freedom and inclusive support for Adelaide based female artists.

“The proportions are way off for males to females [in the artistic sphere], so starting with grass roots, things like [Girl Space], where it’s all female based, will hopefully push that back to a more equilibrium.”

Produced by Izzy Evans

Image by Girl Space

B.Media tony grenfell

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