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Sexual Assault Rally

Posted on: Fri 1 Sep 2017

“…51% of Adelaide University were sexually harassed and 6.7% were sexually assaulted. Of these statistics, transgender and gender-versed students were most likely to experience harassment at 45%. Sexual harrasment rates among women were 32% and men were 17%….” 

University of Adelaide Second-Year Olivia Carletti joined Breakfast Producer Riley Galloway to speak about the alarming statistics of sexual assault on campus and how things must change in order to evolve as a university.

Olivia, along with other students have planned a rally at The University of Adelaide Hub on Monday the 4th of September to protest against sexual violence and bring forth the stories of survivors to the wider public.

For more information on sexual assault on Australian university campuses please visit the Respect. Now. Always. Survey.

Produced by Riley Galloway

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