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Art and Recovery: Jade Harland & Henry Stentiford

Posted on: Mon 21 Aug 2017

Engaging with mental health patients, staff and academics, four local artists were given the unique opportunity to undertake a residency at a mental health inpatient unit in South Australia as part of this year’s SALA Festival.

Two of these artists, Henry Stentiford and Jade Harland had the opportunity to work at Glenside Hospital.

Unlike a normal art residency, this residency gave the artists an opportunity not only to work with patients, but also to explore the relationship between art, therapy and recovery and help de-stigmatise mental health issues.

“We’re like outsiders to the mental health system” said local artist Henry Stentiford, who completed his residency at Glenside Hospital.

Artists Jade and Henry joined host Jennie Lenman in the studio to discuss their experiences and the works they produced.

Their works will be display at the Peter Walker Gallery until September 2 as part of this year’s SALA Festival.

Produced by Milly Schultz-Boylen

Artwork by Henry Stentiford (left) and Jade Harland (right).


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